Chelsea Bullock
UX Designer


How have you been spending your time lately?

This quarter, I'm busy with product strategy, accessible urban transportation, voice-first cognitive design systems, and machine learning.

In general, however, I make meaning from chaos. 

Here's how it usually happens: 

ask nosy questions all over the place, 
analyze findings and synthesize insights,
share compelling stories to direct strategy, 
earn stakeholder buy-in, 
and execute a successful final product or strategy. 

Commended for my natural aptitude in leading projects born without clear direction, I excel in defining user needs and then making those needs legible and meaningful to guide subsequent solutions. 

I am a user advocate, a curious and transparent collaborator, and a solutions-driven colleague. I believe in function-first designs and products that both clarify and delight. My UX and product strategy tangibly supports users' experiences while exceeding and elevating business goals.

To find out more about my work and see examples, check out my resume and my portfolio (currently locked due to confidential materials; please contact for password).